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The Socratic Web

The Socratic Web

Speaker: Shane Greenup

Fake News has become a huge issue with a great deal of money and resources being invested into solving it. But have any of the suggested solutions got any chance of actually doing that? In this talk Greenup will look at the key problems with all of the major approaches to solving the online Fake news problem. He argues that there is only approach which has any chance of improving this situation: we need to start creating The Socratic Web.

Shane Greenup is the founder of rbutrBioNascentImmortal Outdoors, and Sports Arbitrage Guide. He has been conceiving and managing the development of startups, websites and web applications for over 9 years now, ever since he graduated from UNSW with majors in Molecular Biology (hons), Philosophy, and in The History and Philosophy of Science.


Starts On

September 21, 2017 - 10:00 am

Ends On

11:30 am

Event Categories

Seminar, upcoming


Rogers Room N397

Level 3, John Woolley Building
The University of Sydney