Post-Truth Initiative | Academics and post-truth: causes, consequences and culpability
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Academics and post-truth: causes, consequences and culpability

Academics and post-truth: causes, consequences and culpability

Prof. Colin Wight – Aug 10

Key aspects of the Post Truth era are a privileging of emotions over logic and facts, suspicion of science, and the idea we have had enough of experts. We are increasingly in a world where disagreement is seen as a personal insult. A world where argument is framed as conflict rather than debate, and ad hominem, through the assertion of identity, is the rule rather than the exception. This should be troubling to anyone who works in the university sector. If our role isn’t to produce knowledge, educate students in critical analytical skills, and contribute through our expertise to rational public debate, then what is it? The post truth era represents a challenge to the social function of the university. This seminar will examine the place, role and function of academics in relation to the post truth phenomena.


Starts On

August 10, 2017 - 10:00 am

Ends On

11:30 am

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Seminar, upcoming


Rogers Room N397

Level 3, John Woolley Building
The University of Sydney